Our 1st roll in FRC: 2023 off-season China

LuBan Robotic, a FIRST Robotics Competition Team hailing from Shunyi, Beijing, China, is composed of a group of passionate young individuals with a deep love for robotics. Prior to our involvement in FRC, we have actively participated in various robotic competitions such as MakeX and Botball, where we gained valuable insights into the world of robotics. After these experiences, we made the decision to take on the challenge of FRC, aiming to engage with some of the most exciting robotic endeavors in the world.

Our team takes its name from the revered ancient Chinese figure, Lu Ban (BC 507-BC 444,Chinese Pinyin:Lǔ bān), who was not only a devoted enthusiast of robotics but also a symbol of wisdom for hardworking and creative individuals. By adopting this name, we are embracing and carrying forward this spirit, hoping to inspire others to pursue what they love.